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The lifestyle journal to motivate and inspire your creative endeavours from idea to reality. 

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It's time to invest in that        special gift that only you can share with the world! 

Whether you want to start your own small business or a million dollar empire, start a charity or a not-for-profit organization, or master a hobby while living your happily the other half.

Let our resources and inspirational stories be your source of motivation and inspiration to start today for a different result tomorrow.

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Whether it's through a book or a conversation with someone that is making sh#! happen, we all have a story to tell. And this is the place we'll share it because journaling accelerates your ability to manifest your goals after all!


All our favorite tools and resources to turn your idea into a reality. It's time to invest in your small business idea like the million dollar business it is! Or fine tune that hobby or creative endeavor because the world needs that special gift that only you can share. Let our resources make it easier! 


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leading from the front

Dive into the stories behind some of the world's well known wives and partners of professional rugby players from New Zealand to Europe and everywhere in between.

 Happily the Other Half weaves a narrative about innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists and creators and the movements they have built.

For the first time in years I have finally found the motivation to pursue my goals.

The abundance of resources, the supportive community and inspiring stories are priceless. HTOH is the best place to start your creative endeavour! 

This site is game a changer

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This weeks guest feature! 

If you're tired of.........

Not knowing where to start

heck yeah i'm in

LETS DO this together!

Ready for your life to change?

Believing it will be your time when rugby/your husband's career is finished  

Not having the right visa to work  

Feeling like the language barrier makes it too hard 

Not knowing what business or idea to create

Not knowing where to find the time or support while living abroad

But you know there are bigger things calling you! 

hey there 

I’m holli,
YOUR NEW hype gal

Millions of women wait years to fulfil their dreams.  I was one of them!

Soul sisters, let me tell you about an amazing tribe of women, soulfully creating their happily ever after while navigating the rugby life journey and might I add, nailing it too!

Maybe it gotcha wondering how can ya have that too?

Welcome to your new community and sisterhood. We are here to guide and celebrate  your journey and your successes. Supporting you to discover what life will look like for you from this day forward with HTOH.

BLOGGER, creator
personal development COACH

Ready to level up?

Share YOUR STORY today

Let's pop a bottle and get the good stories rolling, starting with yours! 

Would you like to become a guest feature or do you know someone special that you would love to know more about?



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