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If I can be that personal cheerleader in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

I'm Holli


NAME Anastasia Mignot

AKA Xavier Mignot’s Other Half


FROM Lyon, France

LIVE Lyon, France

ALL ABOUT BEING Smiley, ambitious, athletic, original and fashionable 

TELL US MORE I’m a Podiatrist, business owner and recently I have become a Boutique Accommodation Owner.

GIVE US THE LOW DOWN My mom has been a Podiatrist for 35 years and I’ve always seen her come home from work with a smile. I was moving towards economic studies and passed a baccalauréat in economics, but in 2005 the economic conditions (conjoncture economique) were beginning to flinch and I was aware of the constraints for a woman in the commercial world. From my first year of study in Paris, I knew that I had made the right choice. Today when people ask me what my passions are, my job is positioned first 😉 I opened my office 9 years ago and I am working with my mother doing acupuncture 🙂 

PODIATRY MEETS LUXURY BOUTIQUE ACCOMODATION  My husband always thinks about his career after rugby. He wanted to somehow invest in culture and heritage. So I thought about the best way that we could do this. As a student I worked in hotels and restaurants. I like meeting new people. I am passionate about deco and I really love my city. Furnishing in tourism works well in Lyon.

I made visits to many apartment viewings located in buildings or districts classified as part of UNESCO’s heritage. 

It was on-the-job that we learnt how to run this new business. We have developed an upscale tourism accommodation boutique with a concierge service. 

Today we have a steward and a team of trusted craftsmen. Our chef has also made his mark and we are taking more and more private dinner bookings. This new adventure has allowed us to meet and greet people as tourists and as professionals.

MULTITASKING WOMAN The most difficult thing was developing a new business without harming my office. Everything is a matter of organization and I think I did it all at the right time. I began turning away patients from the office. Thankfully due to my dedication to my patients they were very understanding and they did not mind when I had to attend to my apartments. 

WHAT MAKES YOUR ACCOMMODATION UNIQUE AND SO SPECIAL TO LYON CITY I think what makes our apartments so special, is the love that we put into this project. It is our baby and we put all our heart and energy into it so that people have a good memory of Lyon.

HIGHS OF THE RUGBY LIFE The qualities that rugby brings to him: courage, perseverance, questioning, humility, the need to immerse himself in family and to create an environment of true serenity in life.

The love and respect people have for this sport makes us feel appreciated and well received. I am very proud of my husband and his achievements. 

RUGBY LIFE LOWS The fact the we are not able to completely foresee and project the future. We don’t know where we will be in 1 or 2 years. 

We have to make decisions based on future clubs. We can’t buy the home of our dreams, we have to rent or sell in case we change clubs. 

Also the fears of injury and psychological distresses during the less “glorious” periods.  

RUGBY FAN GAL MOMENT Every time my husband scores a try! I feel so happy and proud of him. His selection in the French team was also memorable. 

5 YEARS FROM NOW We can buy our dream home in the south of France, Lyon or in Switzerland. I imagine us with 3 children and animals, inventing our new life. I will continue to manage our business and take care of our family so that Xavier can create his own business


No matter what we do or when we do it we are always criticizing ourselves. I hope to always be busy so that I do not become a person who is constantly criticising and reassuring herself.

I have always believed in my destiny and I am ready to take every opportunity I meet in life.


Instagram: @ipodo_ @lecarremerciere

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