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If I can be that personal cheerleader in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

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NAME Carla du Plessis 

AKA Other Half of Willie du Plessis 



FROM Pretoria, South Africa 

LIVES Mont de Marsan, France 

ALL ABOUT BEING A little quirky, passionate, productive, organised, fiery, resilient, happy, healthy and active. To create a safe and supportive home for my husband and two kiddies. 

JILL OF WHAT TRADE/S Teacher & Writer 


  • The Netflix series “From scratch”  
  • Podcast – Living on a mission with Rachel Mitchell 
  • Finding the good in every day! 

SUPPORTIVE WIFE OR INDEPENDENT WOMAN Both! I am a stay-at-home mommy and wife. But now, with the kids getting a bit older and André starting school soon, I am becoming more and more independent with my schedule and time. I am a very driven person and like doing my own thing. I feel it is so important to find your essence because then life becomes meaningful. Find something that brings you peace and makes you feel alive, and helps you to serve your purpose. 

I was born and raised in sunny South Africa. I studied Early Childhood and Foundation phase teaching at the University of Pretoria and obtained my degree in 2012.

Willie and I married in January 2015, and in August 2015, we moved to France as a medical joker for three months. Little did we know that those three months would end up being eight years.

Before moving to France, I worked at two schools as a primary grade teacher, and I LOVED it. We moved quite a lot during our time in France. Toulon, Bayonne, Montpellier, Biarritz and now in Mont de Marsan. If someone told me five years ago that I would give birth to both my children in a foreign country in a foreign language, I would have laughed at them…but yes, that was and is our reality.

The challenges and experiences that we have gone through as a couple, family and also as an individual have really helped me to learn to live outside of my comfort zone.

It has taught me to embrace all sorts of differences and diversities. It has taught me so much about life but also about myself and that we, as mommies and partners, are SO much more capable of handling situations than we are made to think.

Living in France for several years, I identified a need for foreign-speaking children to learn English. Being a qualified teacher, I wanted to create a fun and inspiring way for English and non-English children to learn the alphabet better. I hope to achieve with Annie’s Alphabet Adventures to help children in foreign countries where English is not commonly spoken to learn and continue to improve their English literacy skills and help non-English speaking children develop their English literacy skills.

BUSINESS GOALS Seeing Annie being read all over the world!

BUSINESS HIGHS Publishing of Annie’s Alphabet Adventures in April 2022

BUSINESS CHALLENGES Language barrier. Writing an English Alphabet rhyme book in a country where English is pretty much “non-existent“

FILL US IN ON SMASHING ALL THEM GOALS It has always been a dream of mine to write and publish a children’s book. I am fortunate to have a husband that supported me throughout the whole process. But I have to give all glory to God. Walking this journey with Him has not only made it possible to achieve this dream and goal, but it has made me the woman I am today.

I think it is all about balance and prioritising. I am lucky to have a very supportive husband that does help a lot around the house and with the kids so that I can also pursue my dreams and do the things that fuel me.

I think belonging to a community is important because it holds you accountable. Many days I didn’t feel like doing or pursuing anything, but to have that community to encourage you to be motivated, definitely helps.

YOUR INSPIRATION I am always inspired by women who create their own happiness and success. Seeing women grow, learn and flourish in their unique circumstances always inspires me to be a better version of myself, not only for my own well-being and the happiness of my family but also to be an example to my children of what it is to use the hand that you have been dealt with and make the most of it!

RUGBY LIFE MISCONCEPTION I think many people have a misperception of what it means to be a rugby player’s partner. For years, the term “rugby wife” had such an alluring effect. Kind of like “they” were invincible, a hierarchy, untouchable, money was no problem, and they had the world at their fingertips. Little did I know, and it took me a few years to realise that this was not at all what this title entailed. See, you kind of give up your life to follow your husband’s dreams. That is why it is important not to let his dreams “steal” your identity.

RUGBY HIGHS I think a real “rugby life” high for me was the day I discovered who I am and what my God given purpose is. And to be honest, I don’t think I would have discovered this if we hadn’t moved away from “home”. The way I see it is, that God puts us in certain places and brings people across our paths to grow, change and influence for His glory! And the day I realized that I found peace.

RUGBY LOWS Injuries…Need I say more?

PROUDEST RUGBY FAN GAL MOMENT The day my husband was chosen to play for his first international rugby team (Netherlands – 12/11/2022) Not only was this a significant achievement for him, but after a few bad concussions, hard conversations about hanging up his boots to pursue something else and a lot of prayers, we knew that this came from God and this was an absolute WOW moment for us!

LIFE AFTER THE PITCH We would love to stay in France (or even Netherlands) after rugby. We have a few ideas for the life after rugby. One of the things we are really passionate about is good coffee. So, opening up our own coffee truck/shop is definitely on the radar. Also, coaching and, who knows, maybe even writing another book…

WHERE TO FROM HERE My husband is currently still contracted until the end of season 2025, which gives us a bit of a breather. Throughout our journey, we’ve learned that you can only plan your future to a certain extent, but in the end, it is God’s plan over ours, and He will show us the way!

PEARLS OF WISDOM If I could tell my younger self something, it would be to accept yourself, embrace your circumstances, see all experiences as an opportunity to grow and learn, pray a lot and most importantly, stay humble.
Life is ironic. It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence. Be careful not to realise that too late.

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