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If I can be that personal cheerleader in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

I'm Holli


NAME Charline Jones

AKA Lee Jones’ Other Half


FROM Fife, Scotland 

LIVE Glasgow, Scotland 

ALL ABOUT BEING Energetic – Passionate – Driven – Loving – Happy!

FILL US IN Lee and I got married in July so I am now officially a Jones. I was born in Scotland but my Mum is French and my Dad is from Zimbabwe with an Italian Dad, his Mum is half Greek, half Mozambique. Apparently, this made for some athletically good genes and I put them to good use. 

JANE OF WHAT TRADE I started my business, Dynamique Fitness, 2 years ago when I stopped competitive cycling. Through my business I cover 3 bases;

  1. Yoga Teaching
  2. Personal Training, online and 1-2-1.
  3. Cycling Coaching

DID SOMEONE SAY COMMONWEALTH GAMES BABY! I started cycling at the age of 19, training properly at the age of 20 and competed at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games for Scotland where I won a Silver medal in the Team sprint.

In 2011 I changed discipline from Track (Velodrome) Sprint to Endurance (longer races). My goal was to win a medal at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games however this dream was shattered when I broke my back when I was involved in a training accident in January 2014 on a Scotland Camp in Girona.

I had to teach myself how to sit, stand and walk again. With the help of the Scottish Institute of Sport I was back on my bike after 3 months. This was only 3 months before the Commonwealth Games. I competed for Scotland in a supportive role rather than a medal hopeful role. After my accident, just being at the Games was a massive achievement for me.

Professional sport has its ups and downs. I feel I really experienced the very highs and the very lows. It’s the nature of the game and I chose that. It allows me to understand Lee’s situation.

FOR THE LOVE OF SPORTS Lee and I both watched each other in our events in Delhi. We didn’t know of each other at the point. After the closing Ceremony we went to the Scotland Team afterparty. 

The rugby table caught my eye, they were rowdy and it looked fun, so me being me, I walked over and asked if I could join in what looked to be a drinking game. There were some other girls there I knew from the hockey team. Once the game had finished Lee came over to sit next to me and showed me photos on his camera that he had taken of me when I was presented my medal. 

We got chatting and then had a little dance. Our first dance was the Gay Gordons, a Scottish Country dancing number. In Scottish Country Dancing you have set moves that Lee was trying to navigate me through, however he failed miserably as I had other intentions of just doing my own thing. 

And the rest is history!   

LOW DOWN ON TRAINING YOUR HUSBAND’S RUGBY TEAM It’s been great to help the Warriors out with some yoga, stretching and mobility exercises. I was taking Lee for yoga almost every day when I was doing my teacher training so I’m used to teaching Lee, he loves it.

During pre-season the team have to do it, but during the season it’s a choice so the guys go only if they want to go. It’s like any other job though, ups and downs. There are a few guys (like 2-3 out of 50) that really can’t be bothered doing it so they throw blocks and play the clown.  

It’s a challenge sometimes but if I can help them be more flexible and less injury prone then it’s all worth it in the end. 

HIGHS OF PRO ATHLETE LIFE AS A COUPLE We both understand exactly how tired training makes you and don’t expect much from each other. We would keep each other positive or motivate each other if we needed it and of course fully support each other. Lee would love to come and watch me race when he could and I love watching Lee play Rugby. 

LOWS OF PRO ATHLETE COUPLE LIFE When I was racing, my track season ran all year round and road season summer, so I was very busy. Our seasons clashed so we never managed to have a holiday till after the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014. I think the longest we didn’t see each other was 9 weeks. 

It also tough to watch your partner suffer through injury. After I broke my back and was flown back to Scotland. Lee came to stay with me at my parents’ house for 4 days before he had to fly off for Rugby 7s for 3 weeks. This was a really tough time for us both. 

WAG LIFE HIGHS Living with a constant source of inspiration and motivation to be better.

WAG LIFE LOWS When they get injured! I hate it when that happens. It’s a contact sport and it’s inevitable. 

PROUDEST RUGBY FAN GAL MOMENT When Lee started against the All Blacks for Scotland last year and they came very close to beating them. I was very proud. 

THE WAG LIFE CHOSE YOU – HOW DO YOU ROLL I like to empower other WAGs to get up and go have a life of their own. Go out and be ambitious, you can do anything you put your mind to. 

WHERE WILL WE FIND YOU IN 5 YEARS With a family, living by the sea somewhere with a personalized gym in the garage and a booming business, helping others achieve their fitness and health goals and my Yoga classes filled with men and women. 

PARTING WORDS Treat others as you would like to be treated. Get up and go!


Instagram: @dynamiquefitness @chajoiner

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