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If I can be that personal cheerleader in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

I'm Holli


NAME Natalie Hauman 

AKA Petrus Hauman’s Other Half


KIDDIES Liela & Zara

FROM Cape Town, South Africa

LIVE Brive la Gaillarde, France

ALL ABOUT BEING Ambitious, kind, creative, honest and stubborn

JANE OF WHAT TRADE/S Model, Interior Designer and Lifestyle Blogger

GIVE US THE LOW DOWN While being one half of the Motherkind blog, I also created Musings by a Muse, a few years ago, as a creative outlet after having my first child. I mostly share my outfits and things that inspire me.

TEAM EFFORT Steph and I are like two peas in a pod. I absolutely love building Motherkind with her. We share the same love of fashion and all things beautiful. We also have the same ethos when it comes to parenting and healthy living, so it is an absolute breeze and I am inspired by her constantly.

CREATIVE GO-GETTER Forget all the reasons why you shouldn’t and just go for it. The hardest part is to take the plunge and start, so just do it!

WHY AS WOMEN WE NEED AN IDENTITY I feel this is so important and not stressed enough. Women and especially mothers need to have their own identities. I heard a quote recently that was so beautiful. “Because I create and have my own identity, I am able to love my husband and my childrenBeing whole as a woman and person first, is so important to be the best you can be for others.

RUGBY LIFE It is definitely challenging and most days I am exhausted, but being creative is such an important part of who I am, so I try and find time for it. I have always been someone that needs to do my own thing. It was hard leaving a career in South Africa and coming to France, starting over, but I used the opportunity to learn the language and I studied Interior Design. So I am happy to be able to work and have blogs to express my creativity.

It is a privilege to live in Europe and see beautiful places and experience different cultures. It is also very challenging being away from family and friends, but the rugby life journey is actually fleeting, so we are embracing it while we are here.

MAMA AND WIFE-LIFE BALANCE I need to be creative, so for me, it was always something I make time for.  I am surrounded by some amazing girls, pursuing their dreams and creative endeavours. Also, always inspired by my bestie and co-founder of Motherkind, Stephanie.

RUGBY LIFE HIGHS The fact that we get to live in France and travel.

RUGBY LIFE LOWS There are many, but the hardest is being far from family, especially for my girls being away from their grandparents. 

RUGBY LIFE MISCONCEPTION It is not glamorous haha!

5 YEARS FROM NOW Somewhere beautiful with my little tribe, happy and healthy.

WISE WORDS OF WISDOM This too shall pass




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