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If I can be that personal cheerleader in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

I'm Holli


NAME Stephanie Swanepoel

AKA Riaan Swanepoel’s Other Half


MUM OF Chloé Belle + Olivier Noah

FROM Durban, South Africa 

LIVE Montauban, France

ALL ABOUT BEING Positive – Creative – Fair – Thoughtful – Dedicated

JANE OF WHAT TRADE/S Fashion Buyer, Lifestyle Blogger

GIVE US THE LOW DOWN Leaving everything that I knew for the unknown. I was born, raised and schooled in Durban, South Africa, I had never lived elsewhere. Change is uncomfortable and challenging, but it brings so much growth. It was difficult! 

My job and being a woman in the workplace meant a lot to me, but I believe when you make a life changing decision you need to back it up 100%. To not look back and only look forward.

NEW FOUND CREATIVE OUTLET After many years of not working and having kids, Natalie and I were yearning for more to fill a gap in our personal lives. The idea sparked over one of our monthly family get-togethers.

TELL US MORE Our blog is for all Mothers & Womankind. We are not fond of singling anyone out, so who is to say men can’t enjoy reading our blog too. 

We make a dynamic duo. We are different yet so similar and I feel we complement each other well. We started our blog being open and honest. We have helped each other along the way and we continue to learn from each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

HOPES That the readers will feel fulfilled. We hope to inspire others, to encourage them to also pursue and follow their dreams. 

MAMA AND WORK-LIFE BALANCE The initial stages were an adjustment. We were ‘working’ yet not being paid whilst being full-time mothers. We would schedule meetings, Skype chats and do research when our kids were sleeping or in the evenings. I would often work with my littlest sitting on my lap.

BLOGGER LIFE HIGHS When you receive feedback, positive or negative – it’s so rewarding. When someone is touched by one of your posts, it gives us purpose. If I can reach one person, I will feel accomplished. 

COMMITTED TO THE CAUSE We spend most of our free time researching, writing our posts, editing our images etc. I dedicate a few hours every day (when I am not on vacation). I treat our blog as a job. Natalie and I meet up once every few weeks to shoot content and brainstorm the upcoming month’s content.

FOR THE LOVE OF RUGBY We are able to experience new cultures, we meet new people from all over the world and learn so much from other nationalities.

RUGBY FAN GAL MOMENT When Riaan played for the Sharks in Durban, South Africa and they won the Currie Cup in 2009. It was a great match and a huge celebration.

RUGBY LIFE LOWS I find contract renewals a stressful period. Have everything in writing, always! Even if you think it is something minor. We have overcome many obstacles by sticking together and remaining a team.

RUGBY LIFE BEST KEPT SECRET Rugby is a short lived career. I know everyone knows this, but there is not much reinforcement on it. Rugby is a contact sport and at any given moment something life-changing could happen. It is important to be aware of the future just as much as it is to enjoy the present. Life after rugby needs to be considered whilst enjoying life during rugby. 

PLANS FOR LIFE AFTER RUGBY I would love to run my own online kids boutique and a stand alone ‘hub’. I am passionate about recycling and upcycling, therefore, my kids boutique would be centred around this concept.

WISE WORDS OF WISDOM Positivity breeds positivity. Fashion is passing, style is forever.


Instagram: @Steph_swanepoel86

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