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If I can be that personal cheerleader in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

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NAME Natasha Jordaan

AKA Paul Jordaan’s Other Half


FROM Durban, South Africa

LIVE La Rochelle, France

ALL ABOUT BEING Energetic – Persistent – Friendly – Kind – Open Book

VIVE LA FRANCE – FILL US IN Well, moving to France was a real rushed decision for us. Paul was in the middle of the 2016 Super Rugby tournament when he decided it was time for a new adventure within his career, something to challenge him and help him grow even more. It was quite tough as he was only 24 years old, a really young age (in my opinion) to move overseas in his career but in the space of 1 month, we packed up our lives and were pretty much on the plane to France. I studied a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology and Communications. I LOVE people, I don’t really shut up for a minute unless it’s when I am sleeping. After getting my degree I was still so uncertain of what field I wanted to get into work-wise when an opportunity arose in Sales, I thought why not?! So for 5 years before we moved to France, I was in Sales, which I absolutely loved, naturally, dealing with people every day. 

As much as I loved not “working” while living abroad, I longed for something that was mine and with my hubby constantly on my case, I decided to open up Mon Coeur, I have loved fashion from a very young age, my mom often caught me in her dresses & heels prancing around the house. So with a “kick up the butt” from the hubby I created my little business. 

I decided to call my store “Mon Coeur” Trends, which translates, “My Heart”. So each item on my store is something I love and not picked randomly. Opening up my store was never a money making thing, it was about my love and passion for fashion and the latest clothing trends, and to share it with whoever was interested. Of course it had to be a French name though, living in France. The fashion in Europe is absolutely incredible and I feel like living here I have really found myself, I can dress the way I want and be uniquely myself. 

OH MY GOSH. I don’t think you could get much better than European Fashion, I could literally walk into every shop in La Rochelle and purchase an item of clothing. It’s influenced me in a major way. It completely influences my decision when picking the items for my store, I try go according to seasons and of course what is trending at the time. I am in the shops on a daily basis checking out every new item that hits the rails. 

BUSINESS CHALLENGES At first I battled with the decision of letting people know that I owned Mon Coeur, I was afraid of what they would think and the judgement they would place. After chatting to Paul about it, I decided WHO CARES? If it makes me happy, why should it matter. People will/would judge anyway. The toughest part has been the marketing of Mon Coeur. It’s a tough market to be in, you constantly have to think of new ways to market your clothing, which is super challenging at times especially when it doesn’t work or pay off. 

BUSINESS HIGHS The most rewarding part is when my phone pings, and I look and its a sale. You feel so good, that someone else loves what you love and is happily supporting you on your adventure.  


  1. Always have Patience – It doesn’t happen overnight nor do the sales
  2. Always have Faith – If its something you believe in, what more could you want?
  3. Dedication & Time – To always keep up with the latest happenings in your specific market
  4. Have a Niche Target Market – In my case, women, it makes it easier narrowing it down to specifics
  5. A Financial Support Structure (haha, a hubby that supports your dreams and ambitions, no matter what) 

DOTING WIFE OR INDEPENDENT WOMAN Regardless of what job Paul has, I absolutely love the life we live. 

RUGBY LIFE HIGHS The places it has taken us and the friends that we have made along the way that have most certainly turned into family. After all, we are all in the same boat and it’s so important to have that support system around us. 

RUGBY FAN GAL MOMENTS Paul’s first game back after he broke his hip, he came off the bench with 15 minutes to play, I know there wasn’t a lot of faith in him but he had so much faith in himself and he scored a try running down the sideline, I remembered jumping up and down and screaming with happiness.

His surgeon called him after the match and told him, “I didn’t want to scare you before but it’s a miracle you are playing rugby again,” and if I can be totally honest, his career has only gotten better since. So anything is possible with a little faith. Oh, and I have had plenty of memorable moments of drinking champagne with all the girls on the sidelines. 

RUGBY LIFE LOWS Paul doing his ACL and of course, breaking his hip, so I would say injuries. We overcame it all by Faith, of course it’s questionable at times but it’s gotten us through.

5 YEARS FROM NOW Without a doubt, back in South Africa, on the farm. Paul will be the 6th generation on their farm and that’s where his heart will always lie. Its such an incredible environment to raise kids in. 

WISE WORDS OF WISDOM Everything happens for a reason, trust the timing of your life and Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible.


Instagram: @tashyannejordaan

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