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If I can be that personal cheerleader in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

I'm Holli


NAME Vasti McLeod                                                                                                  

AKA Charl McLeod’s Other Half

FROM South Africa                                                                             

LIVE Paris/Grenoble

TIMES AROUND THE SUN 32                                                                                                

ALL ABOUT BEING Inquisitive, adventurous, creative, ambitious and loving

WHAT’S YA TRADE I am currently working in the product development department at Chloé in Paris, it is part of my working experience for my masters (Msc Fashion Design and Luxury Management)

GIVE US THE LOW DOWN At the moment, we are working on the Winter 2017 show that will take place in Paris at the beginning of March 2017, so we are working with the designers and the atelier to get designs, fabrics, trims and colours decided and to get samples made up by the ladies in the atelier. 

Every week in fashion is different, some are manic, some not too bad. But that is why I love this industry, there is always something new to work on or a different problem to solve. At night, I will meet friends for drinks or dinner and some lunch breaks I sneak out to do some shopping – our office is in the 8th and quite close to Galeries Lafayette Haussmann! 

PARIS BEING THE FASHION CAPITAL, WHAT’S YOUR STYLE I would say that it’s quite feminine and quirky. I love colour and prints, which is very different from what the Parisians wear. I love everything to do with fashion. Bags, shoes, clothes, accessories! I also shop at all the vintage shops in Paris, especially for dresses and knitwear.

FASHION KNOW HOW Don’t be scared to try new things, take some risks with prints and colours, mix and match your outfits, always buy good shoes. Use accessories to spice up your look when you are feeling dull and never be too lazy to look your best (even when you are a mommy). Make sure you always have a good red lipstick!

WHAT’S YOUR WAG SUPERPOWER Fashionista WAG, spending all Charl’s money on fabulous things, hahahaha

FILL US IN ON THE RUGBY LIFE It’s not shiny, but it sure is an interesting life. We get to live in another country and meet interesting people from all over the world and we get to travel loads. 

But we also have to learn to be away from each other a lot. You have to be fine on your own. That is why I think it is so important to have your own life, not to get too obsessed with the world of rugby. 

RUGBY LIFE HIGHS I love watching him play, I am always so proud of him. He looks so handsome with his blond hair on the field.

RUGBY LIFE LOWS The fact that we live from contract to contract and you never really know where you will be next year. And they are away from home a lot; less in France than in South Africa. When they went on the month long Aussie/NZ tour for Super 15, I always plan a trip with friends or family. One year my mom, his mom and sister went to Turkey, another year I went to Greece with two friends and last year to China with my three cousins – Voila! I know how to make the most of a bad situation.

YOUR RUGBY LIFE FAN GAL MOMENT In 2010 when the Sharks won the Currie Cup in Durban – it was a great moment for all of us and after the game Charl got a call to join the Springboks on their end of year tour.


10 YEARS FROM NOW My personal dream is to be a buyer for Saks 5th Avenue or Bergdorf in NY and Charl can coach there. It won’t be forever, but I think it will be a cool experience. And after we would love to build and run our own wedding venue in South Africa on the coast somewhere.

WISE WORDS OF WISDOM Always have a dream, even if it’s really big and you think it might be silly – you must have something to work towards. Enjoy and cherish the finer things in life, something I have learnt while living in France. And don’t wait for tomorrow – do it now!


Instagram: @vastimcleod   


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