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If I can be that personal cheerleader in your life that whispers: “you really can do this” while the rest of the world is provoking doubt… then I’ll consider my job done.

I'm Holli


NAME Victoria Anna McKew 

AKA Ratu Tagive’s Other Half


FROM Canberra, Australia  

LIVE Glasgow, Scotland 

ALL ABOUT BEING  Passionate, unfiltered, loyal, driven, hard working 

GIVE US THE LOW DOWN  I previously worked as an Executive Assistant in the Australian Government which I really enjoyed. I currently run my own Social Marketing business in the Health and Wellness Industry called Arbonne. I teach people how to travel the world while building an online business from their phones.

WHAT IS SOCIAL MARKETING BUSINESS The most rewarding part is the people I am able to help in all aspects of what I do. I help people by educating them on the industry and nourishing their bodies from the inside/out with vegan, chemical-free, health and wellness products. I also coach others on how to run their own online business which gives them the financial freedom and time to make choices about what they truly want in life. 

BUSINESS GOALS My ambition is to reach the top level of Arbonne (I am currently at the second top level) and help as many others get there too.

I want to expand my business further globally and earn a seven figure income by the time I am 30, working from my laptop wherever I am in the world.  

ARBONNE ADVICE Whether you are wanting an extra income so you can travel, you’re needing a supportive friendship group, you love health and wellness or you just want to have a stronger purpose, Arbonne can be anything you want it to be. 

I always say, just do it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by running your own online business! I would also say to educate yourself on the industry as a whole, and then try the products. 

If you understand the industry and love our products (which you will) then you have the tools required to be at the top level of Arbonne.  

RUGBY LIFE HIGHS Knowing that they wake up and live their passion every day. I am the biggest believer that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. So many people don’t have that choice in life. 

RUGBY LIFE LOWS The mental challenge of injury and uncertainty of contracts, you are always in competition with someone for your position in the team! 

RUGBY FAN GAL MOMENT The moment he debuted, there is honestly nothing better than watching him run out on the field for the first time after years of hard work. Every game I am so proud and just love seeing him do what he loves. 

RUGBY WAG Before dating a Rugby Player I thought the concept of a WAG was so ‘cool’ and definitely would have been the girl covered in designer head to toe. 

Now I think I’d be the casual boss girl at the game with jeans, adidas shoes and a sweater on with an oversized Chanel Bag, taking phone calls while cheering on Ratu from the sidelines! lol

RUGBY LIFE MISCONCEPTIONS  It’s not always glamorous!! There can be lots of uncertainty, things can change in a second through contracts, coaching staff or injury and their career always comes first! 

Also, time off can be challenging, it’s not like a normal job where you can apply for leave to go on a holiday! Rugby can be really restricting and you miss out on a lot of events because of it (weddings, family events etc)! 

5 YEARS FROM NOW Happy and inspired in every aspect of my life. I’d like to have written my first book, be a paid keynote speaker for large corporations to inspire people to follow their dreams, have my own TEDx Talk and be the reason so many people are out there doing what they truly love to do. 

Also, be a self made seven figure income earner and travelling the world with unlimited choices. Ratu will be well and truly finished his Uni degree, probably close to retiring from Rugby and getting ready to do whatever it is he is extremely passionate about outside of sport.  

WISE WORDS “Be the person, that one day somebody says ‘Because of YOU, I didn’t give up.'”



Instagram: @victoriaamckew 

Facebook: Victoria Anna McKew 

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